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      ZoomInfo for Sales

      Reach decision makers faster with the most direct dial phone numbers and email addresses.

      Target prospects by industry, company location and size, revenue, title, job function, employees, similar companies, and more.

      Keep your pipeline filled with new, targeted contacts matching the characteristics of your best buyers.

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      Why ZoomInfo?

      For over a decade, ZoomInfo has helped B2B organizations achieve their most important objective: profitable growth.

      Backed by our database containing over 221 million professionals and 9.3 million businesses, ZoomInfo provides the most accurate and actionable B2B data available – including more direct dial phone numbers and emails than any other market intelligence provider.

      66MBusiness Emails
      42MDirect Dials


      Premium Search Functionality

      Search the leading database for contacts and companies using filters like location, industry, job title, technology use, and more. Then, bypass gatekeepers with accurate contact for direct access to your ideal buyer.

      High-Value Intent Data

      Leverage our B2B intent data to accurately predict a buyer’s future purchases by analyzing their online behavior across the internet— not just on your own website.

      Efficient Territory Planning

      With ZoomInfo, you no longer need to spend months creating sales territories. Instead, simply identify and build lists of contacts within your total addressable market— with just a few clicks.

      Deep Company Insights

      Not only do we offer the leading demographic and firmographic database, but we also offer deep company insights including hierarchies, organization charts, and more— for better conversations and more closed deals.

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      Connect with prospects faster directly in your workflows.


      Identify and connect with website visitors in real-time.


      Sales and marketing intelligence in your own CRM or MAP.

      “With ZoomInfo our sales reps can access what they need quickly and easily and have confidence in the data they are using – increasing effectiveness and productivity across both marketing and sales departments.“

      John Dering

      Senior Director of ABM Technology and Strategy at DemandBase

      “ZoomInfo’s integration with Salesforce has been incredibly valuable to our BDRs, who rely heavily on a well-defined, day-to-day workflow. ZoomInfo works where they work, which saves time and streamlines processes.”

      Michelle Kidd

      Director of Sales at Sigstr

      “ZoomInfo’s accuracy with direct dials is second to none. We’re making connections and having engaging conversations. That wasn’t happening before to the same degree.”

      Jeff Hendricks

      Manager of Business Development at Appcues

      “When sales reps have access to direct contact information within their Salesforce and LinkedIn workflows, it’s huge for productivity. We turn to ZoomInfo before making any calls or sending any emails. It’s an integral part of our day-to-day workflow, and we trust the data because we see the results first hand.”

      Frances Hayes

      Director of Sales at Salary.com

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