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      Campaign Optimization

      Improve email deliverability, create segmented campaigns, and scale your results.

      Create contact lists and build out targeted campaigns that match your buyer personas.

      Designed for sales, marketing and recruiting professionals.

      Why ZoomInfo?

      For over a decade, ZoomInfo has helped B2B organizations achieve their most important objective: profitable growth.

      Backed by our database containing over 221 million professionals and 9.3 million businesses, ZoomInfo provides the most accurate and actionable B2B data available – including more direct dial phone numbers and emails than any other market intelligence provider.

      66MBusiness Emails
      42MDirect Dials


      Understand Your Target Audience

      Develop a deeper understanding of your customers and prospects to craft holistic personas of your ideal buyers. Use our actionable marketing data to create personalized marketing materials, connect with your audience and win new business faster.

      Enhance Your Marketing Data

      We fill the gaps in your contact database, enabling you to ask your audience for less and receive more. Improve email deliverability, increase response rates, and drive conversions for more effective and efficient marketing campaigns.

      Develop Hyper-Targeted Campaigns

      Build targeted contact lists and leverage ZoomInfo’s sales and marketing intelligence to successfully scale, segment, and deliver marketing campaigns — ultimately generating more targeted leads for your sales team.

      Keep Your CRM Up-to-Date

      Your marketing strategy is only ever as good as your data quality. With access to ZoomInfo’s suite of intelligent solutions, you can rest assured that your marketing data is always up-to-date, accurate, and actionable.

      Other recommended products


      Increase conversion rates with intelligent forms.


      Identify and connect with website visitors in real-time.


      Sales and marketing intelligence in your own CRM or MAP.

      “With ZoomInfo’s automatic lead enrichment supporting our inbound efforts, we’ve been able to reduce the number of fields on our web forms— and at the same time, we’re qualifying leads faster than ever. We have all the information we need up front, including fields like job titles and company size which are not included on our webforms.”

      Rick Collins

      Senior Manager, Marketing Operations at ConnectWise

      “Having a reliable source of data that both the sales and marketing teams trust, that’s huge for us. Our sales reps were already seeing success with ZoomInfo and now both sales and marketing are on the same page in terms of the data we’re working using.”

      Billy Huang

      Senior Marketing Operations Manager at LeanData

      “With ZoomInfo, we’re not only able to create a better, more qualified account list in just two minutes, but we’re also able to engage key decision makers effectively using ZoomInfo’s company insights and real-time news and technology alerts.”

      Zac Cooper

      Director of Sales at Atlatl Software

      “When sales reps have access to direct contact information within their Salesforce and LinkedIn workflows, it’s huge for productivity. We turn to ZoomInfo before making any calls or sending any emails. It’s an integral part of our day-to-day workflow, and we trust the data because we see the results first hand.”

      Frances Hayes

      Director of Sales at Salary.com

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